We repair, fabricate, manufacture, custom design all type of enclosures. It’s always a big project that requires knowledge and experience. We have drawn, fabricated and installed many full enclosures on many different type of boats. Our goal is always to provide you with an outdoor comfortable living space that will also enhance the look of your boat, at an affordable price. A well crafted boat enclosure will certainly provides you with years of enjoyment and give your vessel a fresh new look. We have many high quality fabrics to choose from, including amazing glass looking crystal windows that will let you enjoy the scenery while protecting you from the harsh elements. We also offer repair and enhancement services for existing enclosures.

Let’s start the conversation on your project. Estimates are always free and we’ll thrive to give you a quote in just a few days.


Aft Enclorure 3

Aft enclosure

Aft Enclosure 1

Aft enclosure for motor boat

Aft Enclosure 2

Aft enclosure for power boat

Aft Enclosure 4

Boat Aft enclosure custom made

Aft Enclosure 5

Aft enclosure custom made and repair

Aft Enclosure 6

Aft enclosureby sunnyland canvas florida

Encloruse 1

Sail boat aft enclosure

Enclosure 3

Sail boat aft enclosure custom made

Enclosure 4

Sail boat aft enclosure fixation and reparation

Enclosure Sail Boat1

Sail boat aft enclosure reparations and custom made

Enclosure Sail Boat2

Sail boat aft enclosure california or doge type

Enclosure Sail Boat3

Sail boat aft enclosure fixation and reparation to protect from wind, sun and rain.