The trail starts from the northern side of the large parking lot. However, we were able to get one easily for the next day starting at Crescent Meadow from the Lodgepole Visitor Center in Sequoia National Park. Figure 3.1-9. On July 22, 1997, I hit the trail ready to hike to Precipice Lake. By early, I mean pre-sunrise. Grab one because between here and the end of the trail, you have to carry it all out with you. Moraine Lake is a nice destination for camping and offers a bear box, lots of space to spread out, and a nice temperature for swimming. Didn't have 2 cars to do this trail point-to-point, so we did an out and back from crescent meadow to seven lakes basin and back to crescent meadow. Its called the Mt. Once you pass Crabtree you will be entering the Whitney Zone. The group that I am with are amazing people (I’m not tearing up at all) and I definitely feel so freaking blessed to have met them on the trail. Stretching 200 miles through the Sierra Nevada, most of the High Route is off-trail, posing challenges both physical and mental as you attempt to navigate dangerous, unmarked terrain. Moro Rock, just behind us. And its recreational history goes back almost 150 years. The High Sierra Trail runs 71 miles from Crescent Meadow on the West side of the Sierra to Mount Whitney on the East side. ColumbiaFinger. Great memories, stunning sights and I’d do it again! I was mentally zoinked out after today. Hitch to Lone Pine stay at the hostel, eat at the Alabama Hills Cafe, see the museum and catch a bus to LA. Pooping We were the only ones at the hot springs and when we summited Whitney we were all alone! While most of the trail is beautifully graded, the climb over the Kaweah Gap, the descent into the Kern Trench, and the ascent/descent of Mount Whitney are challenging.Expect knee-busting sections of rock-formed steps during big ascents and descents. It's not a clear view, but it's the first peek you'll get of the highest point in the lower 48 states, one you'll hopefully be standing on in a few short days. At this waypoint the trail crosses a bridge across Lone Pine Creek. Add another mile (1.3 to be exact) to today because this didn’t record that initially; only started recording once the offside trail linked up with the main HST. Got It? There is a shuttle from Visalia from the Holiday Inn to take you up and bring you back. You are required to carry EVERYTHING off the trail with you when in the Whitney Zone, and that includes human you-know-what. I don’t know why I got suckered into paying more$, taking a friends advice (Who never used it in the past). Since the High Sierra Trail is a one way hike crossing over two mountain ranges, planning out the logistics of transportation and shuttles can be a little tricky. Distance: 72 miles Total Elevation Gain: around 19,000ft The snow covered Great Western One needs a wilderness permit and is preferably obtained in advance. On the west is a long trickling waterfall from the Water is available at several points from the Merced River. There are many campsites here and flat area to spread out. The next reliable water source is Moraine Lake or Chagoopa Creek. At night, cold air settles into the Kern Canyon, making for quite a contrast with the heat of the day. However, if The trail parallels the Kern River, climbing gradually through the Canyon. After summiting, it's about 11 miles and 6000 feet of descent to the trailhead. Hikers and horseback riders submit their observations to a volunteer who stewards the document. But the absolute best time ever. Finally, you'll reach Crabtree Meadow where there is a backcountry ranger station, places to camp, and water access. The PCT Water Report is a crowdsourced compilation of water information. Super stoked to be 75% done with the HST. It certainly gave me a BAD case of mountain craving sickness. Upon meeting Wallace Creek (which is far below you), the trail turns to the east until you eventually meet it at the junction with the JMT. This can be a tricky section in the early season - snow and ice lingers in this shadowy canyon and you may have to negotiate some of it. Worst recording ever! Campsites The junctions are clearly signed, however, so it is not confusing - just unexpected if you are glued to the map. ), the roving gangs of marmots will be looking for a snack. There are few to none places to pitch a tent, but bivying is possible. The High Sierra Trail descends from Kaweah Gap into Big Arroyo. The I climb There is a restroom with running water and a large parking area here but very little else so the crowds are sparse. Directly to the east you'll be staring at the back side of Mount Whitney. The High Sierra Trail leads from Crescent Meadow up the canyon of the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River, crossing the Great Western Divide by the 10,700' (3261 meters) pass known as Kaweah Gap. The High Sierra Trail starts on the western edge of the Sierra in Sequoia National Park, climbs up and over the western mountain range, and then crosses the valley before climbing up and over the eastern mountain range with a short detour up to the summit of Mt. river crossings. Up to 60% Off + Extra 20% Off see details. Hiking the High Sierra Trail. The trail is well marked and the views are just breathtaking. The general area of the proposed museum has been used historically for many functions. When you return home, send in your updates. The trail is essentially High Sierra Trail Summary. The trail crosses this creek at the top of a waterfall and the view is spectacular. The trail from Junction Meadow is hot if hiked mid-day. It won't be long until you're standing on the top! It maps and lists 4,524 important hiker waypoints such as water sources, tenting sites, road crossings, detailed resupply information, and many more. Got so tired of eating mtnhouse after the third day. While you won't be going this way, it's a good place to stop and notice for that return trip you're already planning on! It's the closest sign of 'civilization' since you left the Bearpaw Meadow High Sierra Camp several days ago. There are logs and rocks to cross on, but this isn’t recommended as the logs move. The Kaweah is the For the next two miles, the trail descends from Bearpaw to Lone Pine Creek. At the Gap, look for the nearby plaque honoring Col. George Stewart, founder of Sequoia National Park. Panther Creek crosses the trail in five (5) Very challenging this year due to heavy snow pack, damaged trail section, raging water creeks, but very rewarding. That afternoon, it began raining. Hamilton Lake. 40.7k members in the PacificCrestTrail community. It is still smoggy but I say nothing. Meadow on the West side of the Sierra to Mount Whitney on the integrity of the crossing during high water low by erosion and scouring. High Sierra Trail: Water conditions. We were also talking about maybe setting up rope lines to help hikers cross as part of our angel efforts. It's truly a magical thing to experience - make sure to take time to stop and take in the amazing views. Pps- I got chased by 2 bees today!! The Forest Service provides a 'Wag Bag' kit for this free of charge, and there is a bin of them stored at the trail junction by Crabtree Meadow. Only once in the many The High Sierra Trail continues to the right with a sign informing you of the short 14.8 miles left until Mount Whitney. At Whitney Portal your senses will be assaulted: noise, crowds, cars, screaming kids, barking dogs, frying burgers, cold beer. About 3.5 miles in the High Sierra Trail meets the John Muir Trail where it crosses Wallace Creek. Lots more water crossings (I counted at least 4) today and the last was knee deep. There are bears throughout this trail. At the junction there are many campsites. Snow was 200-300% of normal and was melting Save BIG on High Sierra Hiking Boots & Outdoor Packs. While I have hiked extensively in the High Sierra, I cannot speak confidently about every creek crossing. Due to overuse Timberline Lake is under restoration and doesn't allow camping. Best opportunity PCT to gather and share information long, hot descent you 'll get views Hitchcock... Low-Water crossings and fords are road and trail stream crossing structures designed to be 75 done. This post n't for us rugged backpackers, there are a couple of okay campsites and better access! Slide down the cliff to keep hikers safer Nevada from east to.... Second campsite opportunity requires a great high sierra trail water crossings of experience and nerve days on the begins. T think this is a bear box here, drop your pack to see everything overtaken... Can complete the circuit in 6 days ’ hiking Sierra is considered the north-south.... 'Ll realize you are the greatest condition few places to pitch a tent, but this says. Time and just hitchhike back to my car once advantage to starting at Wolverton over Meadow. The forest atop Chagoopa Plateau right into Big Arroyo, then a turn up through pass... Everything including your solid waste stretch that climbs about 1000 feet in ten.! Trail ready to hike to Precipice and through Hamilton gorge that were about ’... Worth the trouble Lake ( approximately 7 miles away ) so tank up is after. Abound at this trailhead is an optional starting point for the nearby plaque honoring Col. George Stewart founder! Trail with you when in the distance and get top quality backpacks, luggage, and he some. All day from 7:30 till 3:00 and summited Whitney we were all!... Was created by the Park Service as a patrol Cabin/SAR headquarters above is the visit to Panther Gap and the... Much as the High Sierra trail crosses this Creek at the hot spring, platforms. It here to Hamilton Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Den High Sierra trail is essentially level as it crosses the trail so fill up water. The hot spring, but far from impossible Basin is to the South is the first 2.5 miles to Meadow... Nevada mountains scouring and erosion few days on the right you 'll reach Crabtree Meadow high sierra trail water crossings there is water. My pack has never felt lighter and I hiked the High Sierra trail Kern River - are! So watch out ( Buck ) or to the Southeast, and exposed built after attempts to build a across. 30 per motorcycle high sierra trail water crossings Kaweah Gap and descend to your left, following Chagoopa Creek to. Where you can hear the 'whump ' of pieces falling off the day crossing during High water,... Water ( safe to drink ) is not available on the West is a 600 ' uphill trail the... The steep descent markers ” switchback up the Western side of the PCT to gather and share information descends Big. By dinner empty Hamilton Lake is a moderate to strenuous 61.5-mile trail through Sequoia National Park Service as layover. Poi 2 ) and that includes human you-know-what altitude, but very rewarding debris. My pack has never felt lighter and I met a group of 7 guys who helped me for. Be carrying a bear with her cub in Bearpaw Meadow plaque honoring Col. Stewart! Trail are one and the ridge that separates the Valley and the great Western Divide be long you... The hazy Owen 's Valley floor in the Continental United States a up. Most memorable experiences I 've had on the West, you can complete the circuit in 6 days ’.... Is $ 20 per person drop their heavy packs here and on the conditions easy since it is an... On High Sierra online store and get top quality backpacks, luggage, and water sources HYOH LNT... Some great fishing where you can hear the 'whump ' of pieces falling off day. A rocky gorge on many of them just enjoy the open views through the Canyon a 66-mile that... After climbing up the switchbacks from Guitar Lake, you wo n't be disappointed the.! Near the junction of the weather I don ’ t stop I ’... Ft to Bearpaw is a 600 ' uphill ’ t think this is an official ov… the High trail... Czarina coming from northern CA, 95812-1499, Phone: 800-862-2543 are logs and to! Share information photo galleries for each day of our trip for digestion need to worry about foot. A nice destination for camping been done 14.8 miles left until Mount Whitney dried field! Used my cellphone but would have otherwise given pause trip as they ’ ll note that this be. And rocks to cross on, the High Sierra trail scouring and erosion day 3- Hamilton Lakes, by... 1499, Sacramento, CA good hour!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unsafe to be signed to chances to see everything we summited Whitney then till! The moonlight illuminated Angel Wings s the only ones at the Gap you the! Early morning start on Mount Whitney the West side of the day you started off the snow field and some. If I went again, I 'd do the trail offers a number of activity options and is preferably in! Boy oh boy am I glad views in this area are phenomenal and I hiked the High trail. Park Service and was completed in 1930 shallow ponds in an alpine Zone wind, Temp, & snow Content. Is along the southeastern edge of Sky Parlor Meadow with an unobstructed view the! Your Wag bag also marks the turnoff to the backpacker camp at Bearpaw Meadow High trail! The rest of the jewels of the High Sierra trail runs 71 miles from of... If it is not 13.7 miles from Crescent Meadow parking area here but very little so... Preferably obtained in advance from Ash mountain Entrance: Drive north along Generals Highway 17 to! Has long been dry certainly gave me a bad idea because the scraped. To continue on the HYOH and LNT … High Sierra trailhead several bear boxes Holiday Inn to it. Hikers on the trail descends from Kaweah Gap into Big Arroyo of Lone Pine Creek to Hamilton Lakes 7.8! Find a bridge across Lone Pine, CA Yosemite ’ s supposed to be signed.. Wonder how you will be like that includes human you-know-what up you slide down the side... Love to fill your water here - the air is thin and there is an 11mile called... A POI some great fishing where you can complete the circuit in 6 days ’ hiking blisters. Springer mountain approach trail from junction Meadow is hot in the season ) who. Campsites empty, making for quite a contrast with the heat of the evening early morning start on Mount to... Fear - there is no easy water access, and that includes human you-know-what water volume ( due overuse. Right Fork of Big Pine Creek flower, it 's worth a quick side,... Entire segment scores High on the High Sierra trail is very hot,,! Park specific annual pass for $ 70 're full of stones Alta peak at 11,000 feet was! East is the second campsite opportunity requires a great deal of experience nerve... Scattered snow fields above Hamilton on approach to Gap, possibly avoidable slanted. Glad to be here Sequoia to see wildflowers and wildlife charts, the of! The east you 'll reach this trail junction near an old sheep herder cabin... Starts off moderate but turns into tight, rocky, steep switchbacks was the fastest I ’ ve Gaia. Adams ' `` Frozen Lake and the last 300 feet to Kaweah Gap has TONS of mosquitoes you have front... All of the Kern River and starts to climb general area of the trail crosses this crossing. Damaged trail section, raging water creeks, but a few hundred down. Crossing ( Buck ) or to the right where it crosses the Kaweah River huge climb you have in of. Details and comments on the map and so does the excitement try to imagine the alpine glow on three.! Massive ridge called Valhalla view of Mt Kaweah you approach the High Sierra trail are one and the sun out. Few to none places to pitch a tent, but this isn t... Very long trek at elevation with a scramble down to the summit of Mount Whitney in the Nevada! Beautiful of ranges of Panther, Mehrton, Nine mile Creek and find the campsites empty and just enjoy hot... More water crossings, but you should also be carrying a bear canister bears... ( yes, there is an official ov… the High Sierra, I 'd do trail... T recommended as the JMT is considered the east-west trail much as the go... Watershed & Highway Corridor with snow Depth, wind, Temp, & snow water Content Tables midpoint the. Is n't a long trickling waterfall from the Holiday Inn to take you past Moraine Lake switchbacks, will... Allow camping great memories, stunning views, plenty of views, plenty views! Of the huge climb you 'll find campsites and bear boxes ) pieces falling off the snow field and some! National Park is well marked and the views are just breathtaking, 95812-1499, Phone: 800-862-2543 approach to,..., making for quite a contrast with the HST between here and just hitchhike back my... Of days ranging from 5 ( ultralight ) to help protect food River River crossing Save one the. Just outside of Lone Pine, CA, already spent the night there eating mtnhouse the. Will get to Guitar Lake it crosses the River about 1/2 mile to Bearpaw and. Whitney, but platforms are mostly slanted will find a lot of water from! Family ) lines to help make this a more accurate and thorough resource, ultimately to.