For example, C major’s parallel minor key is A minor. Cm: triad (minor) uke chord, played '0,3,3,3' on the soprano. A C sharp minor chord, is simply: A minor chord in the key of C Sharp. It is simply made up of C, Eb, F, G, and Bb. We’ll start with one of the easiest versions of the chord and then work our way up to showing you some more advanced ways to play the Cm chord. With practice and patience, it will become easier to hear the notes and for your fingers to find the right frets to make each version of the chord. To play it, you’ll start by barring your index finger across the 3rd fret of the C, E, and A strings, leaving the G-string string open: Index finger: 3rd fret of the A (1st) string, E (2nd) string, and C (third) string E = The second string But minor chords help you create beautiful, moody music, so don’t dismiss them. C minor ukulele chord is also written as Cmin or Cm. This will help you learn how to play melodies on these 2 ukuleles instruments in C Major. Want to share a tip or simply talk uke? Strum all four strings to play this version of the C minor chord on your ukulele. An easy way for beginners to learn the C minor chord on ukulele is this version, which is a simple barre chord. E Minor. Chord diagrams for C and G7 are all that you need to get started. Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry. Copyright ©2020. First, you’ll want to understand the names of the strings and where to place your fingers on the fretboard of your ukulele. Once you familiarize yourself with them, you can play any one of the easy ukulele songs here, including hits from Bob Dylan, Adele, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Now that you’ve learned a few ways to play the Cm chord, the fun part is weaving those chords into songs. Yes, the song that’s taken the world by storm is a simple ukulele song to play. Since the fretboard of an ukulele is a crazy matrix, it’s very useful to have scale charts available for reference as you study. Minor chords in music for any instrument — not just ukuleles — are considered the dark, sullen chords. The easiest-of-all version of the C minor guitar chord. We’ll show you how to play the C minor chord in a few different positions and give you tips on which versions of the C minor ukulele chord are easiest for beginners. While understanding concepts like the minor triad used to construct minor chords and the notes that make up the C minor chord on your ukulele, playing songs with the chords you’ve learned can feel satisfying for beginner ukulele players and more seasoned musicians, too. When you’re first learning to play the ukulele, it takes practice to learn to play the C minor chord. Major and minor chords can be broken down into 12 different keys. Each chord is distanced from the one below it … C Minor Pentatonic. 20 Ukulele tabbed by Tor Erik Grønås Standard CGEA Ukulele Tuning This is the whole piece, it's played very slowly and more an In fact, it’s … C Major scale Ukulele These charts highlight the notes of C Major scale on a soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele. G = The fourth string Click … Standard Tuning (gCEA). Alternative name: Cminor. Every chord has a minor version, indicated with a lowercase ‘m’ after the chord name: C has C minor (Cm), G7 has G minor 7 (Gm7), and so on. Take a look at this key to learn how to play a C minor chord on a ukulele chart. We’re going to show you how to play an E natural minor scale. In this lesson, you’ll learn the notes that make up the Cm chord on the ukulele and a few different ways to play it. For today’s lesson we’re going to be focusing on the C sharp minor chord. Cm7: Seventh (minor) uke chord, played '3,3,3,3' on the soprano I-V-II-VI-III: This progression uses the circle of fifths. We’ll start by learning the minor pentatonic scale in the key of C, again we’re starting here because its easy. C = The third string (lowest tone) Selection of famous scales you can play on a Cm chord to improvise great solos on your Uke. This song is just simply FUN to play. In our chord charts, we’ll also show you where to place your fingers on the frets. There are a few different ways to play the C minor chord on your ukulele.